ImFusion Python SDK - beta release

ImFusion Python SDK - beta release

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Not for commercial use

ImFusion Python SDK enables easy and fast loading, handling and processing of medical image data. It is a wrapper around the ImFusion SDK and exposes a subset of its functionality to Python. 

Easily installed with pip install imfusion-sdk --extra-index-url=

  • High Performance: Leveraging optimized C++ for fast execution and OpenGL for GPU acceleration, ensuring compatibility with various GPU vendors.
  • Versatile Data Structures: Handle a wide range of medical images and data types, including 2D/3D images, metadata, deformations, rotations, masks, and segmentations. Supports keypoints, point clouds, and meshes.
  • Extensive Set of Algorithms: Access a vast array of image processing algorithms, from basic cropping to complex multi-modal image registration, through a functional interface.
  • Numpy-Like Image Arithmetic: Perform arithmetic operations on images with a functional API or operators, supporting GPU or CPU execution and delayed evaluation for enhanced performance.
  • File Format Support: Load and save numerous medical imaging formats, including Nifti, MHD, Dicom, HDF5, PNG, and JPG. Reliable Dicom loader used in FDA-approved products.
  • Deployment-Ready Pipelines: Construct efficient data pipelines for ML model training and deployment, ensuring consistent pre-processing and post-processing.

This license is valid for 6 months.


This Python package is currently a public beta release. You can use it free of charge for non-commercial applications until further notice. To use it, you still require a (free) license key, which you can get through this product. For commercial applications, please get in touch with us at info @

Please note that the functionality offered here is only a subset of the Python bindings we have available. In particular, modality-specific plugins (e.g., for Ultrasound, CT, etc.) are not included. Please reach out to us if you are interested in such functionality or buy ImFusion Suite.